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たてすか | QWRT | is an Amsterdam based creative agency with a focus on strategy, design and content.

Our purpose is to build modern and user-friendly websites to transform your vision into an outstanding digital experience. As a full-service agency we can help you with the complete package to move your online business forward. From basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advanced Social Media Marketing campaigns to photo and editorial content. We make sure you become visible and gain traction online.

We work with world renown brands, early stage startups and creatives. We don't put boundaries on the type of client we work with, but we like to keep it personal. Creativity and design requires time, focus, and organization. Which is why we choose to spend more time on fewer projects to deliver quality services.

We combine strategy, webdesign and content to craft digital experiences that move brands forward


We create work we love, and we believe in what we do.


SEO-Copywriting, Page Descriptions


Concept, Photography, Webdesign


eCommerce, Product Photography, SEO, Social Media


SEO-Copywriting, Page Descriptions


Product Photography




Webdesign, Photography, Copywriting

Strategy & Approach

Our work process is studious and includes research, strategy, creative conceptualization and design. In a rapid-changing world, nurturing our ability to adapt is important to us. From working remotely to adapting to our clients’ process, we consider flexibility as one of our defining values.

To ensure that your website is optimized for engagement and conversion, we design each project with your values and content strategy in mind. Prior to our design process, we analyze your current website as well as the content that lives on it in order to identify solutions to better communicate your products, services or purpose.

For us there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to anything. Finding the right approach while working collaboratively with our clients, partners and friends is a pleasure for everyone of us. From retailers, creatives to early stage startups, we love to work with every type of clients. As long as the project requires creativity and innovation we will be thrilled to step outside our comfort zone to discover a whole new project.

We can help you with

SEO Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Web Design, Mobile Design, E-commerce, Web Development, Social Media Campaigns, SEO, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Photography (film & digital), Product Photography, Copywriting (SEO, Web), Social Media Content.


If you’d like to partner on a project or just chat about what we could do together, call +31 6 14 29 08 41 or email us: